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5 Simple Habits to Pick Up That Will Help You Trim Down

5 Simple Habits to Pick Up That Will Help You Trim Down

Though many women say that they like the “dad bod,” the truth is if you lost a little weight, you would feel a whole lot better. However, because there are a lot of diet and exercise tips for women, it can be hard to figure out what to do as a man. Aside from exercising more, here are five simple habits that will help you trim down a bit.

  1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eat a hearty breakfast to start your day off right. Make sure that you prepare healthy foods for your first meal of the day. Protein is a good way to get started and it will stick with you until lunchtime, too.

  1. Slow Down

Put your fork or spoon down and chew slowly. This is called “mindful eating.” Learn to savor your food so you’ll enjoy it more and feel fuller sooner. Unfortunately, too many people starve themselves to try to get their ideal body, but it doesn’t work that way. If you do that, when you finally eat, you may scarf it down so fast that you overeat.

  1. Eat More Frequent and Smaller Meals

It is better to eat more meals throughout your day than just three. You should eat three meals and several snacks to keep your metabolism up all day long. Use a smaller plate to make your meals a little smaller, too. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables at snack time.

  1. Give in to Cravings Once in a While

While dieting, the more that you want something, the worse that it can be. For this reason, you should give yourself one day or meal a week where you can splurge. However, when doing so, eat a small amount of it. You don’t need to eat four pieces of pizza when one or two will do.

  1. Plan Out Your Meals

This is especially important when you are traveling. If you are on a road trip, you might be tempted to stop at a fast-food joint to save time. Also, bring water and snacks to hold you over until the next stop. Are you dining out? Look at the menu before you go, so you’ll know what to order ahead of time.

Losing and maintaining your weight can be challenging; however, it is not impossible. With these five simple habits, you can trim down over time without feeling the pain. These are commonsense changes anyone can make, so try them. You’ll thank yourself later.