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5 Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

5 Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Getting their driver’s license is a rite of passage and something many teens highly anticipate. It can also be a nerve-wracking experience for parents! If you’ve been delegated with the task of teaching your teen to drive, don’t worry. Here are Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive so you can be the best teacher and co-pilot for your young driver.


Getting Off to a Good Start

If you try to teach your child to drive in the rain, you’re setting them up for failure. For new drivers, it’s best to start on a clear day and even, dry pavement. Teach them how to deal with hazardous conditions when they’ve had a little more practice.

Explain Things Thoroughly

Your child doesn’t have your years of driving experience, so don’t become frustrated if they don’t understand things right away. If they have a question, answer it to the best of your ability. Some kids learn better through repetition, so don’t get impatient if they need something explained to them again. This is probably the most important out of all these Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive.

Be Calm!

When your teen is ready to drive on the road with other cars, it’s natural for you to be tense. However, your child may be just as nervous. If they make a mistake, don’t yell at them! This will only aggravate or upset them.

Drive at a slow pace so that you can easily take the wheel and avoid a dangerous situation. You should also pay extra attention to how other drivers around you are behaving. An aggressive driver encountering an inexperienced driver is a recipe for disaster!

Make it a Positive Experience

Regardless of how well your child performs that day, they’re probably trying their best. That should be rewarded! You don’t have to go overboard: maybe a trip to their favorite fast food place afterward. A little pick-me-up will be well appreciated on difficult days. Here is a good tip, give your teen driver a reward when they do well.

Offer Encouragement

Let them know that they’re doing a good job and that you’re proud of them for trying. Learning to drive requires a lot of practice, which is something only your teen can do for themselves. What you can offer are advice and emotional support!

Good luck and hopefully these Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive will help make the experience as smooth as possible!