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3 Dual-Targeting Exercises That Will Make the Most of Your Workouts

3 Dual-Targeting Exercises That Will Make the Most of Your Workouts

Exercising isn’t just about getting buff or losing weight. Everyone should get in at least three strength training exercises a week for the health benefits alone. Strength training improves your endurance and keeps excess weight off by building muscles. It also prevents needless injury, improves blood circulation, and keeps bowel movements regular. So keep reading to make the most of every workout by incorporating dual-targeting exercises that strengthen two or more muscles.

1. Russian Twist

This is one of the easiest dual-targeting exercises to learn. To perform a Russian Twist:

  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You will need a weight you feel comfortable with.
  • Lift your feet off the floor and engage your abdominal muscles.
  • Twist to one side, grasp the weight, and move it to the next side.
  • Let it barely touch the floor before returning to the original side.
  • This will work your abs most but it is also great for your sides, shoulders, arms, and glutes.

2. Candlesticks

This is one of the more challenging dual-targeting exercises because you have to come to a standing position from the floor. To begin a candlestick:

  • Start by lying flat on your back. Lying on a mat is preferable, but not necessary.
  • Using a rocking motion, come to a standing position without using your arms. It should be a single fluid motion.
  • Once standing, leap into the air and allow yourself to crouch down and roll back into your original laying position.
  • This exercise will target the entire body.

3. Lunge and Lift

A lunge and lift is nearly identical to a weighted walking lunge. You will need a pair of free weights you feel comfortable with. Here’s how to do this compound exercise:

  • Start in a lunge position with the weights at your side.
  • As you step forward into a standing position, lift the weights over your head.
  • As you enter the lunge on your opposite side, bring the weights back down to your side. This will work all of your body’s muscles but is especially great for the arms, shoulders, and legs.

Incorporating at least one of these dual-targeting exercises can help make the most of even the shortest workouts. By targeting two or more muscles in each move, you have the potential to reap more double the gains than with single-targeting exercises. No matter what exercise program you create, be sure to move every day to stay healthy.