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Top Guydeas for Father-son Bonding

Top Guydeas for Father-son Bonding

The man our sons become is determined by their family dynamic and the quality of the relationship between father and son among other things. It can be hard to find the time and ideas to keep them engaged or excited. Finding the balance to juggle work and family can be difficult. We indeed work every day to provide stability for our families, but fatherhood is more than earning a paycheck.  ModernDayDads is here to help! Take a look at these Top Guydeas for Father-Son Bonding:

1. Camping

Today, people are plugged in. Plugged into their phones, computers, and other technological advances. Taking a camping trip provides fathers and sons the ability to unplug and focus on the moment of the outdoors. Camping provides teachable moments such as fire starting, necessary outdoor survival skills and, recognize plants and animals. Even if you’re short on time or resources, a quick overnight camping adventure can happen in your backyard or living room.

2. Visit the Barbershop Regularly

The percentage of self-care within the men population has increased dramatically in recent years. Men visit barbershops for hair, beard care, and facials more regularly. Barbershops are great bonding moments because they are full of other men sharing stories and exchanging memories that can provide diversity for our youth. Not only will you bond together, but making the barbershop visits a common occurrence, teaches young men the importance of self-care and confidence.

3. Play Videogames

Playing videogames is a great time to have our sons show us a thing or two. If your son is into video games, take a moment to play a game and learn from him. Playing videogames for a few hours could give you a perspective on his social cues, teamwork abilities, and problem-solving skills. A child’s hobbies are important to them, and showing interest lets them know you’re supportive.

4. Watch Sports

Watching sports together is a no brainer, especially if either of you is a die-hard fan of a particular team. This is also a good time to get together with other father-son friends and make a guys day out of the game. This is the quintessential Top Guydeas for Father-Son Bonding.

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