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How Dads Can Model Communication for Children

How Dads Can Model Communication for Children

Being a dad means always being watched by your kids. Sometimes, it may be hard to take time out of your daily routine for special teaching moments. Start by using a few communication skills in front of your kids, you can model excellence for them in every conversation. Here are ways Dads Can Model Communication for Children.


Listening is a powerful communication skill. Giving your full attention to your children and to other people when they speak is an important way to model listening. It shows your children how to treat people with respect, as well as that they themselves are respected and valued.

Mean “No” When You Say It

Learning to be assertive and set boundaries is an essential skill that some people struggle with throughout their lives. Help your kids develop this skill early by showing them how to resist pressure, and teaching them that they can do the same.

Invite Your Children to Give Their Input for Decisions

Bringing your kids into a decision-making conversation is a great way to teach them to pay attention to how people assess situations and decide how to act. Valuing their own contribution can encourage them to think and contribute more. If you walk them through your own process, they can also learn more about you and how you approach decisions.

Ask For Feedback

Giving your child an open invitation to express anything they might think about you as a parent. This can establish a deep and open dialogue. Along with helping you keep track of your own behaviors and how they affect your teenagers, this is a great way to help your children learn the importance of improvement and openness.

Admit When Wrong

Being straightforward about your mistakes can help your kids understand the appropriate way to handle their own mistakes. It can help them understand that confident people can afford to admit an error when they have to. It is important to understand that you don’t have to hide from your mistakes or act ashamed.

Remember, good communication takes practice, start with these ways Dads Can Model Communication for Children.