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Dad’s Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Dad’s Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day didn’t exactly have a light and loving start, according to the historic record. The current celebration of hearts, flowers, candy, and love originated in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which involved animal sacrifice, drunk and naked men and women paired with these men by a lottery drawing. The more modern version we know and celebrate began in the fifth century when Christian celebrants clothed the revelers but kept the alcohol and general revelry. Hallmark produced the first Valentine’s Day cards in 1913, and this $27 billion per year industry has never been stronger. Now, check out Dad’s Valentine’s Day Date Ideas:

So, what’s a dad to do on Valentine’s day?

When it’s dad and the family

  • Movies in the local park: bring drinks, a bottle of wine, dinner, and popcorn. Spend time together in a kid-friendly environment.
  • Baking class: Messy but fun way to let the kids get their sugar high while feeding treats to your sweetest.

When dad’s got a date (and the kids come along)

  • Museum of Ice Cream: This is a walkthrough interactive modern museum that encourages playfulness and pictures, seriously they almost force you to take pictures. It is fun and great for kids too.
  • Skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating: Get outdoors and get some exercise (and promise the kids hot cocoa later) for an afternoon or evening everyone enjoys for both the scenery and the workout

When it’s just the two of you (new to each other or long-time loves)

  • Wine tasting and or a cooking class: Practice a new ethnic cuisine and learn about the wines that work with the food you love.
  • Bonfire and dinner picnic: take chairs or a large towel for seating and pack a real wicker basket (coolers are practical, but the wicker basket is romantic) with real plates, silver and glassware, and finger foods, including fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, olives, and chocolates.
  • Poetry reading: local bookstores, breweries, pubs, and lounges offer open mic nights for local poets to present their works. Write your own short poem and sign up for a spot on the stage, then take a deep breath and read it to her. It doesn’t have to rhyme perfectly to offer the perfect sentiment.

When dad’s on his own: the solo date

This happens on holidays: the kids go to the other parent’s place or want to be with friends. Most dads want to compromise when it comes to making their kids happy, so you sometimes wind up alone on a holiday. That opens the door to the date for one:

  • Looking good: Splurge on a professional grooming session: manicure, pedicure, hair styling, and hot-towel, shaving brush, and straight-razor shave from an old-fashioned barbershop. Then hit the town!
  • Ride a bike: If it’s been years since you’ve been on two wheels, or don’t own a decent bike, your local cycling shop usually has rentals. Getting back in the saddle offers confidence along with a good workout, scenic tour and quiet time alone.
  • Something different at the gym: You’re usually a bench-and-weights guy, but how about signing up for a class? Pick yoga, spinning, boxing, Pilates or rowing. You’ll be outnumbered by women in the class, but that’s a plus if you want to expand your friendship and/or dating choices.

Happy valentine’s day and hopefully one of Dad’s Valentine’s Day Date Ideas makes it even better!