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5 Great Ways to Bond with Your Child This Winter

5 Great Ways to Bond with Your Child This Winter

When the snow falls and a ball game, camping or biking aren’t in the cards, it can be hard to find a great family activity. So here are five great ways to bond with your child this winter.

1. Hit the Slopes

If you and your kids are fans of the outdoors, the chill of winter may put a damper on your fun. It doesn’t have to though, because a great way to bond with your child is skiing. There are currently over 475 ski resorts in the USA, many of which allow you to rent the necessary equipment for the day.

Skiing is not only a great workout, but it is also a fun way for you and your child to get out of the house and feel an adrenaline rush. If you’re not sure if skiing is right for your family, why not go skating, sledding or snowboarding? Even a winter hike in the woods with a camera and/or binoculars is one of the best bonding activities.

2. Aim for the Pins

Another great way to get moving with your kids during the winter months is bowling. Bowling alleys not only provide a fun activity, but many also include restaurants, which means no cooking at home for dad – or mom. Some bowling centers have video game machines, pinball machines and/or air hockey, pool or pinball tables.

3. Roll Some Dice

One underrated activity that has been around for thousands of years is playing board games. It is said that the ancient Egyptians were playing board games over 5,000 years ago. They had the right idea. Board games teach kids logic, sharing, problem-solving and can make them smarter.

Tabletop games can also boost a player’s self-confidence. Family game night is always a good source of laughs and memories, which makes it one of the best ways to bond with your child at any time of the year. Whether it’s snowing, raining or just a lazy afternoon, board games are a ton of fun.

4. Share a Favorite Movie

On a cold winter night, snuggle up with one of your favorite movies. If this movie is a favorite of yours that your child hasn’t seen yet, tell them why you love it. If this is a favorite you already both love, enjoy the things you love about it together. A great movie is a fun way to kill time while bonding over something you both enjoy.

5. Learn Something New Together

One great way to bond with your child is to discover something new together. You may try learning a new skill or learning about a topic by visiting a local museum together for the first time. You may find a new hobby or craft to do together. It can be as simple as reading a new book together.

Whatever it is, learning something new with your child not only helps them develop and grow, but is a great way to create memories. Just think about your child’s talents and interests, and you’ll come up with a boatload of ideas.

While your favorite summertime activities may not be an option during the winter months, it is easy to have fun with your child year-round. Hopefully, these five activities will help you bond with your child and spark lots of new ideas, too.