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4 of the Best Skincare Tips for Men with Beards

4 of the Best Skincare Tips for Men with Beards

Growing a beard is not an easy process. It starts with the rough, itchy stage and then proceeds to the early stubble phase that makes you look like you can’t afford a razor. However, once you get through those uncomfortable chapters, you will have reached the pinnacle of being a true beardsman. But now that you have that glorious beard, how do you care for it, as well as the surrounding skin? Fear no more, because here are four of the best skincare tips for men with beards.

Beard and Skin Grooming Basics

Now it’s time for the grooming, the trimming, and taking meticulous care of that beard. However, what most men forget to do is to take care of the skin around and under their beards. What good is a glorious beard with a wrinkled, dull face? Don’t let this happen to you.

Just follow these four simple skincare tips for men with beards. That way, you’ll make sure you are looking your best.

  1. Wash Your Face Twice Daily

One of the best things you can do to maintain a bright, clear, and firm skin complexion is to wash your face twice a day. Using a designated men’s face wash to clean out the oil and bacteria from your pores will leave your skin free from impurities.

  1. Use a Specialized Natural Shampoo for Beards

When it comes to the skin under the beard, it is imperative to use a specialized natural shampoo to wash your beard and the underlying skin. Using regular soap can have a severely drying out effect. Regular use will leave your skin and beard looking weathered and dry. Unlike face washing, it is best to wash your beard and the skin under it only a few times a week.

  1. Exfoliate One to Three Times a Week

One of the best skincare tips for men with beards is to remove dead skin cells. Doing that will make your skin appear healthier. Also, your beard will feel softer when you exfoliate. Find a good exfoliator and use it one to three times a week. Reduce the oil and bacteria that promote skin breakouts and cause your beard to feel dull.

  1. Trim Your Beard Often

You may think that the best way to get those luscious beard locks to grow is to avoid cutting it. However, trimming your beard is one of the best ways to encourage growth. Also, trimming eliminates lifeless, dry and damaged hairs, as well as any split ends. Not only will trimming your beard make look fuller, but it is also a great tool for strengthening the look of your jawline.

  1. Quickly Address Your Itchy Beard

Your beard is an extension of your face and skin. So, take a close look at your skin to figure out why it’s flaking and/or constantly itching. An itchy skin problem starts when your beard hairs grow so long, the glands in your hair follicles can’t produce enough oil to coat them, as well as the skin around them. This results in moisture loss, leading to dry itchy skin and a brittle beard.

The best way to get rid of this itchy problem is to make some changes to your skincare routine. Here are the best tips for men with beards:

  • Take Shorter Showers: First, stop taking long, hot showers. A quick 10-minute cool or warm shower may not be the best way to clean up after an intense workout, but your skin and beard will thank you for it.
  • Dry Your Beard: You may think that air-drying your beard is the best solution for itchy skin. However, the opposite is true. This leftover water on your beard will evaporate into your skin leaving it dry and itchy. The best thing you can do is lightly pat the beard with a soft towel until your beard is completely dry.
  • Moisturize Your Face: Using a good moisturizer on your face twice a day will keep it hydrated and looking fuller and healthier. This is especially important if you live in a colder climate. During the winter months, there is little or no moisture in the air, resulting in skin that becomes dry and flaky.
  • Use a Quality Beard Oil and/or Conditioner: Make sure to use a good brand of beard oil or conditioner that’s non-comedogenic. It will help your beard retain moisture and prevent it from becoming brittle, unkempt, and wiry. Also, it can prevent your skin pores from getting clogged.

Maintaining healthy-looking skin and a luscious beard takes some work, time, and maintenance. However, following these simple skincare tips for men with beards will leave your skin and beard looking and feeling amazing. So, put that razor down and let that beautiful beard grow.