3 Effective Ways to Connect with Your Teenage Daughter


Raising teenagers is never easy. But raising a teenage daughter can be even harder, especially as a dad. As a man, you probably have no idea what she is going through. All the changes, physically, emotionally and developmentally can be overwhelming for you both. So, here are a few ways to connect and communicate with your teenage daughter.

1. Be a Dad, Not a Friend

Too many dads try to be friends with their teenage daughters. They want to be the cool dad, the one that their children and their friends love to confide in and trust. However, as your daughter ages, she needs you to be the stable and loving dad that you are. She may try to push her boundaries, so you are going to have to correct her and keep her on the right path.

2. Just Listen When She Wants to Talk

Though you may struggle with your own feelings, it is important that your teenage daughter knows you are there for her when she needs to talk. If she opens up to you, just sit there and listen. Instead of lecturing her or giving her a ton of advice, be a shoulder and let her express her feelings with someone she feels secure talking to.

3. Don’t Push Some Topics

The truth is, you are a father and a man. So, you probably don’t know some of the things she is going through, and that is okay. Let her talk to her mom and her friends about topics you don’t feel comfortable talking about. That being said, if your teenage daughter needs someone to vent to, just listen and be there for her.

Like most dads, it can be hard to connect and communicate with your teenage daughter. Your sweet little girl grew up and there are days when she is going to be an emotional mess and that is alright. However, it is important to remember you are her stable and loving dad. You are not her friend, so you need to remember to parent her, even when it feels like it is too much.