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10 Pictures that Prove Dads Will Always Be Dads

10 Pictures that Prove Dads Will Always Be Dads

Dads are the best. From jokes to every other type of humor imaginable, these guys take the cake. Here are 10 Pictures that Prove Dads Will Always Be…

1. Dressing up your son a Joe Rogan for his first Halloween

He knows how to do Halloween right. This baby is probably discussing some conspiracy theories right now.

2. They are notoriously creative problem solvers

Where there is a will, there is a way. Sometimes a good old fashion tie-down is all it takes.

3. “Will you put my hair in a bun?”

The epitome of dad jokes summed up in one picture.

4. Kid plunger gets the job done

Someone has to do the dirty work, dad’s got it handled. Mom’s don’t look at this one, please skip.

5. Whatever you do, don’t wake the baby

Stacking cheerios on the baby’s cheek while they are sleeping is a risky business. Mom won’t be too happy if that stack gets unstacked.

6. When you can’t leave the boys hanging

Fortnite even has them hooked and nap time sure isn’t getting in the way.

7. These guys just gotta game

ON YOUR LEFT! This baby has aim lock on that screen and ready to rock.

8. Honey, did you see those kiwi’s I bought yesterday?

Kiwis are delicious.

9. All the ladies love me

We know, we know, teaching some bad values here but be honest, isn’t it funny? Finding creative ways to get your money worth out of those barbies.

10. Bath time with Dad should always be entertaining

So, did these pictures kill it or what?