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What Causes Irritating Eye Redness and How to Prevent It

Have you perfected your smoldering stare? It’s all in the eyes, right? That’s why there’s nothing worse for that intense look than waking up and finding your eyes red and irritated. But before you can prevent it, you must understand it. There are many causes of eye redness, and some are more serious than others. Here are some of the more common causes.

  1. Dry Eyes

This is sometimes atmospheric. An arid day or a stuffy room can dry your eyes out and cause redness. The lack of moisture in the eyes on a regular basis, however, is called dry eye syndrome and can cause more serious issues like scarring.

So, drink plenty of water and avoid using a fan at night. Instead, use a humidifier if you live in a dry environment. Avoid excess salt, caffeine and alcohol, as they can dehydrate your body.

  1. Allergies

Non-viral conjunctivitis, the itching eyes that are watery and red can be seasonal for some people. Different people have different triggers. Spring allergies are common when trees are flowering.

Allergy medications can help reduce the itchiness and the runny nose that comes with it. Untreated, the constant rubbing of the eyes can lead to eye infections.

  1. Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

The conjunctiva is the clear lining on the outside of the eyeball. It covers the sclera, the whites of the eyes. The sclera is covered in blood vessels that are normally unnoticeable. When the viral form of conjunctivitis sets in, the conjunctiva gets inflamed and swollen.

Pink eye can be dangerous if untreated, but in most cases, it is easily treatable. If you have extreme itchiness, swelling and/or fluid coming from the eye, seek medical treatment immediately. Do not touch your eye and wash your hands often as conjunctivitis is extremely contagious.

  1. Digital Strain

For some people, too much screen time is enough to cause red-eye. The eyes work extra hard to cope with bright screens and extended daily exposure is sometimes unavoidable, especially if work relies on it. Manipulating your screen settings or wearing special screen time glasses can alleviate some of the redness.

  1. Injury

Of course, a scratch or other trauma to the eye will come with redness. If you feel that your redness is from an accident, it’s always best to get with a doctor to rule out any damage.

  1. Vision Correction Surgery

Irritation after surgery is possible. As the eyes heal following LASIK or any other corrective surgery, eliminate or at least reduce redness by following the proper aftercare instructions and keeping your follow up appointments.

As with most physical problems, prevention is the key. However, in order to prevent eye redness, you have to understand the causes. Also, pay attention to the symptoms, but when it comes to your eyes, never self-diagnose. Seek medical help to solve the issue. Your vision is priceless, so protect it.

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