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5 of the Most Important Fire Pit Care and Fueling Tips



Fire pits have become a common and convenient addition for backyard ambiance. They bring the joys of having a campfire in the middle of the woods to your own home. However, just as with campfires out in the wilderness, fire pits come with a few simple yet essential safety rules. Here are the five most important fire pit care and fueling tips.

  1. Know the Rules

Before even buying or building a fire pit, understand the rules and regulations your community imposes on fire pit installation and regulation. Some city governments prohibit fire pits altogether, while others have specific laws regarding them. Know the fire pit care for your particular type of fire pit, as well as what your local regulations stipulate.

  1. Consider the Location Carefully

When installing a fire pit, make sure that it is neither in an enclosed area nor underneath overhanging branches. Have a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water and/or water hose close at hand in case of mishaps. Use the proper fire safety equipment, such as heavy gloves and a metal ash bucket.

  1. Keep It Low and Contained

Keep the woodpile small when starting your fire. Use the recommended fire starter. Never leave the fire pit unattended. Keep children and pets well supervised when the fire is burning. Take some time to talk to your kids and other family members about fire pit care and safety. Be certain to put a screen around the fire pit to keep flaming embers from escaping.

  1. Enjoy Your Fire Pit

Once the fire is started, the fun can begin. Roast marshmallows or meat over it using the proper equipment such as tongs, skewers, or a grill rack. You can cook just about anything over a fire pit as you can over direct heat on a barbeque grill.

  1. Extinguish the Fire Completely Before Going Inside

When you’re finished, put out the fire completely, so it is no longer a danger. Douse it with water until the steam no longer rises. Get a large metal lid to cover the fire pit before going inside.

Like a barbecue grill, fire pit care is simple and can even be fun. But with a fire pit, you have that out-of-doors ambiance with the same experience as camping, yet within walking distance. Sitting around the fire pit conversing is an experience like no other. So, enjoy the great outdoors, but do it safely so everyone has fun.

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