6 Helpful Dad Tips for Untangling Your Daughter’s Hair


Little girl’s hair can become a tangled mess in no time flat and getting those tangles out can be difficult. Not only are knots difficult to undo generally, but little girls are notorious for having tender heads. However, these helpful tips can help dads everywhere untangle their daughter’s hair by causing as little pain as possible.

1. Invest in a Hair Detangling Spray

Even the ones you find at the dollar store can work miracles. Start at the bottom of your daughter’s hair and get rid of knots working from the bottom to the top.

2. Prevent Pulling

Hold onto the hair just above where you’re brushing to help prevent pulling on your daughter’s scalp. Work the hair from the bottom up to avoid tugging, as well.

3. Deal with the Worst Knots First

For really bad knots, just wash your daughter’s hair and work in ample conditioner. Let it sit for about five minutes, and then use a comb to work out knots. You should still be working from the bottom up.

4. Be Gentle

Use your fingers to gently untangle the largest knots. Don’t pull or tug. Sometimes, you can pull the larger knots apart into smaller knots that are easier to get out with the other methods listed.

5. No Detangler?

No hair detangling spray? You can work all-natural olive oil or coconut oil into the hair strands instead. If you use this method, however, you’ll have to wash your daughter’s hair afterward. But sometimes it’s necessary.

6. Brush, Brush and Brush Again

Get into the habit of brushing your daughter’s hair at least twice a day to prevent the largest knots from forming. Once in the morning and once before bed are the best times of day. This will also teach your day great self-care habits.

The tips above can help dads everywhere untangle their daughter’s hair by causing as little pain as possible. To prevent tangles, fix your daughter’s hair into a simple braid. Can’t braid? Even a ponytail, bun, or pigtails will help keep some knots from forming.