Modern Day Dads

5 Simple Tips for Being the Best Dad You Can Be

Being a parent is the most exhausting, yet rewarding role a man can have. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the advice and information out there. Aside from learning all you can about babies and children, there are other ways to be the best dad you can be. So here are five simple tips that can help.

1. Be a Role Model

Your children are always watching you. So, be a role model and the person you want your child to be. Being kind to others teaches children to be forgiving and to be more accepting. Having good manners teaches children to also have good manners. Being thoughtful shows children the way to be nice to others.

2. Be a Teacher

Children are learning in everything that they do. Take the time to teach them, using opportunities throughout the course of the day. Be the best dad you can by teaching them about numbers while shopping.

You can teach your kids how different ingredients feel in the kitchen, or teach them new words while singing along to the radio in the car. They will love that one-on-one time with you, too.

3. Be Patient

Children have a knack for being messy, loud, and trying. So to be the best dad possible, learn as much as you can about child behavior and development. Understanding the stages of a growing child provides some context to their behavior.

For example, it’s developmentally appropriate for your three-year-old to be defiant because they learn independence at this age. Supporting them through the tough parts during these stages build trust and acceptance.

4. Be Respectful

Showing respect to your partner, to others, and to your children reflect an important value you are instilling in your child. When children see mutual respect and feel respected, they will feel more accepted and will, in turn, grow to respect others.

5. Be Dad

Your role as the best dad is unique and unlike the mom’s role in some ways. She may have a knack for nurturing your children, but you could be skilled at helping your kids work through their feelings on their own. She may be the rescuer, but you could be the one who helps your child build resilience. It’s okay not to be the same as your partner because children benefit from both of you.

Being a dad is an important role for your child. But don’t overthink it. Just be the best dad you can, listen to your heart, and enjoy your children. The payoff will be being a proud parent of an awesome human.

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