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3 Effective Steps for Better Father-Daughter Bonding

3 Effective Steps for Better Father-Daughter Bonding

Dads have a special place in their hearts for their little girls, but it can sometimes feel difficult to connect with them. This happens primarily because most dads are unsure of the appropriate activities to share with their daughters. The same goes for moms who sometimes find it difficult to bond with their sons. However, here are three father-daughter bonding activities you can use to create a stronger family connection.

1. Share a Game of Football

If you’re a football family, this American spot is the perfect way to bond with your daughter. From throwing the ball around to watching Sunday night football as a family, you can share your love of the sport with your daughter as easily as you would a son. Get her involved at an early age, just as you would your son.

2. Try This Twist on Princess Play

All little girls like to pretend they’re princesses and sharing in their pretend play is a great father-daughter bonding activity. But you don’t have to suck it up and wear a princess gown. Instead, create a twist on your daughter’s princess play by pretending to be the knight, the king, the dragon, the court jester, or even the humble peasant.

3. Hiking

Dads, moms, sons, and daughters all love getting out in the great outdoors. You can take a nature hike with the entire family or make it a special daddy-daughter trip. If you’re an outdoorsman, teach your daughter how to spot signs of animal life or identify different plants. Or, allow your daughter to take pictures of the nature you pass by. This is one of the father-daughter bonding activities you can tailor to your daughter’s interests.

Plan the hike around her favorite places, like the mountains or the beach, for example. Also, tailor it to her interests. If she finds birds fascinating, bring some binoculars and a bird book. If she loves flowers, bring a flower identification book and some flower shears for samples. Just be sure to include snacks and beverages for the hike.

These three father-daughter bonding activities can help you find ways to bond with your daughter. The sky is the limit on activities that can be shared, but the three above are solid examples of compromise between a dad’s normal interests and his daughters.